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NIK 47 Ltd.
Organizational Structure
Machine Park
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NIK 47 Ltd
1 Asenovgradsko Shose Blvd.
4023 Plovdiv
tel. +359 32 967 369
Fax +359 32 967 370

NIK 47 Ltd. see photos in gallery

NIK 47 Ltd was founded in 1990 as a private company, which manufactures parts and assemblies mainly in the area of machine building, device building and electro industry. The products are mostly made of construction and specific steels, non-ferrous and plastic materials in accordance with customer requests.

NIK 47 Ltd has a good experience in designing, producing and maintaining tooling for moulding, punching, die casting and etc. not only for its own needs but also for the customers.

NIK 47 Ltd is also an expert in manufacturing high precision plastic parts for electro industry. The materials used are mostly ABS, PC, PBT, PA etc. supplied from companies such as BAYER, BASF, SABIC /former GE/, RTP etc.

The facilities include conventional machines, CNC drilling and turning machines, press machines, guillotines, automatic lathes, grinding machines, welding apparatus, precise horizontal moulding machines.
More than 95% of our products are for European and American companies. We work with well known companies all over the world as it brings as up to the highest standards of production, quality assurance and reliability.

The employees and collaborators are highly educated and trained engineers, designers, technologists, quality assurance specialists, workers.